You deserve to be whole

Sometimes a fix can be as simple as looking at medication. Whether it’s getting on meds initially, changing a dosage, or changing them completely.

It’s normal to need them. It’s normal to change them. It’s normal to be on them indefinitely.

I’m lucky to have a couple of providers who looked at my medication and agreed on some tweaks. Especially with my antidepressant.

I was on the same one for many years and sometimes they can stop working effectively. It took several weeks to transition from one to another (and a lot of math and trying to keep it all straight) but I’m back down to two medications daily- my ADHD medication, my antidepressant, an as needed medicine for breakthrough panic and several new supplements to assist in overall better mental health.

Outside of situational crises, I’m feeling like I’m back on track here and it’s really nice.

Just a reminder that if you’re not feeling like yourself— maybe your relationships and work are also reflecting that, it’s ok to ask about medication options.

You deserve to be whole. ❤️

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