Why Micro Habits Create Long Term Success And Three You Should Add To Your Family’s Routine

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Why is it that we know exactly what habits are best for us and exactly what we should do to create health and wealth, yet it’s so difficult for us to get going? It’s even more difficult to stay consistent (for me anyway). As it turns out, I am someone who finds it very difficult to create habits. It has always been very hard for me. As in, I have to really make myself remember to take my vitamins or brush my teeth. Routine and repeat rituals are just simply not in my nature.

Now that I am in my (near mid) thirties, I am finally starting to become a little more stringent about creating better habits. Especially as it pertains to my mental and physical health. All of a sudden I don’t feel as invincible and my priorities are shifting. Not only that, but I’m responsible for three kids who deserve to learn better habits NOW and observe their mom keeping the same ones.

1 | Probiotics

The very first thing we are all making sure to do every day now is take our FortifyProbiotics.I have the Women’s50 Billion  and the Children’sChewable Probiotics and it’s Investing in your gut health is crucial, especially when you’re young.* I wish I had learned about all the benefits of a healthy gut years ago.  Good digestive balance can promote everything from immunity to overall health.*

Fortify Probiotics deliver 11 probiotic strains PLUS prebiotics and billions of active cultures for supercharged support to your digestive and immune health.* Because when you’re fortified from the inside out (see what I did there?), you’re protected from whatever the day throws at you. As a busy family who is not always able to make perfect choices in all other arenas, we’ve learned how probiotics can really help.

I feel especially good that my kids are on board with their own probiotics. Fortify Kids Probiotics contain a researched blend of probiotics shown to promote healthy immune function in kids and reduce sick days at school.‡ They are a fruit punch chewable that tastes great – easy for kids and convenient for us. They have super clean ingredients and are free from all the artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

2 | Water Intake

We all know water intake is something to pay attention to and it’s always going to be a habit that is hard to grasp for me. I am so busy during the day that I often get to the end of the day and realize I’ve barely kept myself hydrated. Buying a bottle large enough for a day’s worth of water that I can keep track of every day was a game changer. Again, a small habit that will create big impact over time.

3 | Journaling

I recently read a book that encouraged journaling/brain dumping first thing in the morning before doing anything else at all. I bought journal and pen that I truly enjoy writing with and started this habit, but I didn’t stop there. I also encouraged Grayson and Tyler to start writing something each day. Even if it’s a sentence about how the day was. I am a new believer in the power of physically writing things down and have added it to my micro habit list.

Creating small habits are the key to long term success, so I’m starting small with these three things. Have you incorporated any micro habits into your day-to-day?

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