Why Being Family CEO Is The Hardest Job I’ve Ever Had And How I’ve Learned To Make It Easier

It’s August, which means the school year is in full effect and all of our schedules are officially insane. The older my kids get, the more hectic our life becomes. Does anyone else feel like that? Grayson is in third grade and plays baseball (did I mention that Tyler also coaches?), Charlie is starting preschool and in ballet.

Being the CEO of a family of five is not for the faint of heart or under-qualified.

Think about it. I am responsible for making sure everyone’s medical maintenance is up to date, our bills our paid and our power stays on, everyone’s education and school requirements, extra-curricular activities and sports, all of our social lives, and- OH YEAH- my entire life as a digital entrepreneur. (NO PRESSURE.)

For a long time, I tried to bank everything in my memory. I told myself I would know when I needed to do this or that. Fast forward to a few forgotten bills and accidentally flaking on scheduled dinners, and I knew I needed a better system. It took awhile to admit I needed to write #ALLTHETHINGS down if I was ever going to know where we needed to be or what we needed from the grocery store. Can anyone relate?

Creating a method that works is very specific to you and your family. Be honest with yourself and really evaluate what tools you need to function at your highest capacity. For me, electronic schedules and lists don’t work as well. For certain things, they work well. Overall, my brain retains information better when it’s written down. Not only that, but having something on paper in front of me (no passwords or wifi required) is the best way for me to tackle the task list ahead. For some people, that’s not the case.

I have been known to have multiple paper planners every year, because I am so particular about layout and functionality that it seems like I am always on a mission to find the perfect one. My indecisiveness has  I have tested most of the most popular brands, and have finally settled on a good one, you guys. I truly love this one and am totally confident that it will last me through it’s “end date”.

Introducing the 2018-2019 Mid Year Hustle Weekly Planner from START Planner.

The first thing I was drawn to was the SIZE. I can’t deal with tiny planners. I need all the space to write a million things down. I love that there are full month views with plenty of room to write. The week-at-a-glance is hand too, for more specific appointments and details. There are a ton of other fun details about this one, such as goal tracking tools, budgeting space, daily to-do lists, health checklists, meal planning, inspirational quotes, and more. It’s really got everything I need. I have zero need for another one!

Another must for me in a planner is spiral binding and an elastic closure band. They seem like small details, but if you are a heavy planner user like me- they make all the difference in convenience and usability. The Hustle Weekly is my personal favorite, but START Planner also makes several other varieties, depending on your preferences. They also have a great variety of accessories, too. Head over to see all the goods and view their video unboxings!

Buy your planner now and use code BESTIEKATIE to get a FREE bestie notebook with your planner and start getting organized NOW! – this code is limited to the first 20! 


Color code your planner so that it’s easier to identify priorities at a glance!

Figuring out what you need to succeed is crucial, especially in this role! I am essentially responsible for five humans and that can weigh heavily on my mind. Identifying the tools and tricks I need to keep it all organized has been life changing. What are your tips? Do you prefer paper, or are you all digitized? Happy home-managing!

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