What To Pack For A Day Outside With Baby

What to Pack

Anyone who has had a baby to pack for knows that one wrong packing move can ruin a day out. If you forget one thing, you can rest assured that your day will get cut short. Packing when you have a baby must be done right the first time, or you could really be in a mess. Even just to run an errand! I know this because one time when Charlie was only a few months old, I put her in the car to head to Carters for a sale. I spaced and forgot to have an extra outfit in her bag. You know, THE extra outfit that you are ALWAYS supposed to keep in the diaper bag… Yep. I didn’t have one. Naturally, she has a massive blowout in her car seat on the way there and I didn’t discover it until we parked at Carters. Poop was in her socks all the way to her armpits. I don’t even know. It was about 30 degrees outside and the wind was insane that day. So, I am trying to wrangle off her clothes, get a new diaper on her in the passenger seat of my car, and think of what the heck I am about to do with no more clothes for her in the dead of winter. I wrap her up in her blanket like a burrito and run inside Carters. “Hello, this is awkward, but my baby just had a blowout and I didn’t have an extra outfit, can I have a sleeper that I can put on her and pay you after I get it on her?” The sales lady was so nice, she grabbed one quickly and showed me to the bathroom. Solved. But not without stress! It put such a cramp in my day and it was only like five miles from home. Anyway, I am not even sure why I told you guys that story… Moving on…

We loaded up the family on Fathers Day and went to spend a day at the lake at our relative’s house. The weather couldn’t have been any better and we were hoping for something fun we could all do together to celebrate Tyler. A lake day sounded amazing. Grayson is fairly easy at this age. As long as he has some snacks and his goggles, he’s pretty happy.

Miss Charlie, on the other hand, is a little more high maintenance (like most tiny humans). Here’s the list of what I make sure I have for a day (or more) away from home! If you are going away for a weekend, just increase some quantities! I have linked several items to our specific favorites. Feel free to screenshot this list.

    • Diapers
    • Wipes
    • Pacifier
    • Ring Sling (space saver and easy to roll up)
    • Pouch Puree Baby Food
    • Puffs or Cheerios
    • Blanket
    • Extra Outfit
    • Toys/Teethers
    • Sun Hat
    • Sunscreen
    • Baby Float With Canopy (if planning to take baby in the water)

The is quite possibly one of the best inventions ever! Charlie has pretty much outgrown the use of a basic, standard playyard. She wants room to play. This thing is 48″ across and 26″ tall. Charlie has plenty of space to play and explore. There was even room for me to climb in, lay next to her and nurse her!

It was very easy to expand and is incredibly light. It collapses to fit into a small travel bag with a strap for easy carrying.

My favorite part about it, is the canopy that blocks 98% of UV rays. If our family is going to be in the sun, I really want Charlie to be shielded from the sun. Even with sunscreen, direct sun can still cause a burn and keep her warmer than she needs to be. This canopy kept her happy and cool all day long. Once again, WHY DIDN’T I HAVE THIS WITH THE FIRST KID?!

Overall, we had a successful day because I remembered to pack all the necessities! That, and perfect weather. What are your must haves for a day out with the kiddos?







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