Unplug With Your Kids in Five Easy Steps



We are no different from any other busy family these days. I stay home with the kids and blog full time. Tyler works 60+ hours a week and every other Saturday. Grayson is in Kindergarten and plays sports and, well, Charlie just lives the dream. Needless to say, it is incredibly hard to carve out time for us to spend time together as a family with no interruptions and just relax and let kids be kids, so to speak. Sundays are really are only day to do that. We are doing our best to be intentional about unplugging together as a family, at least one day a week. Here’s how you can, too!

1 | Designate one day a week that you know everyone can commit to being together. Maybe it’s a Tuesday night. Maybe it’s a Saturday morning. Just commit to a few hours that you are sure you can spare without interruptions. For us, it’s Sunday afternoon.


2 | Pick a place that isn’t your house. For some reason, when we are at home, it is easy to just sit on the couch and zone into our phones. For Tyler, he’s catching up on whatever social media or internet reading that he didn’t do during his busy work day. For me, I’m working on my blogging business. Either writing, responding to emails, or keeping up with my social media. Grayson wants to watch TV or play games on his tablet. When we make a point to get out of our comfort zone and head outdoors, it makes it way easier to leave electronics in the car and just PLAY.


3 | Pack an activity that everyone can participate in. We usually bring a frisbee, a ball and glove, a kite, or another game we can all play.img_9487

4| Bring a picnic. Grayson is in for any activity that involves food. Spread out a big blanket and have a basket of snacks and drinks ready. Oh, and wine for mom.

5 | Throw away the rules for the designated time together. Be silly. Be young. Be free. Use your outside voices. Get messy. Let the kids be kids. In fact, let the adults be kids, too! Don’t have an agenda. Just be with your kids and let them run the show for those couple of hours.


What can you commit to do to help your family make more quality time for each other?

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