The Ultimate Baby Registry (From A Mom Of Three)

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If you are wondering if I’m still alive, the answer is yes. I am- indeed- alive, well, and in business. We moved back to Georgia a couple weeks ago and I have yet to get my life back in order. That said, I PROMISE that I am coming back to this space for more content. I have so many great ideas lined up for you.

To start the fun, I’m really excited to share with you something I have been developing and perfecting for weeks: The Ultimate Baby Registry!

If you are pregnant or ever have been pregnant, did you register for the new baby? Did you go in store with the scanner gun thing (old school style), or did you register online? I don’t know about you, but I used to loathe making a baby registry. It wasn’t fun for me to physically go to a store and register for things… THEN go to potentially ANOTHER store and register for more things I needed. Plus- what about things that aren’t THINGS? Things like services or meals?

When I was pregnant with Charlie, I discovered Babylist. I was not a blogger yet, and Babylist was a relatively new concept, but I was STOKED to hear about it. It’s a website where you can go and curate a comprehensive baby registry. That means any item from any site or brand can be on your baby registry. It’s a one stop shop for people who want to gift you and your new baby. No more settling on a couple different retailers, no more walking your pregnant self around a store with a scanner. Babylist has it all! It’s kind of like Pinterest, in that you find anything you like on the internet and simply add it to your registry in a click. Simply add the browser button and easily put items on your registry as you come across them.

Perhaps my favorite feature, Babylist has a section to add “Help and Favors” to your baby registry. I LOVE THIS. I wrote a post a couple of years ago about how to basically give a postpartum mom everything she needs without spending much at all. Guess what were the main gifts? HELP & FAVORS. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like on their site.

How cool is that?! There is even an option for “other”, where I created a request for funds to go toward a birth doula (which I think is an amazing gift to a new mom). In my humble opinion, these simple services from a caring person are worth more than an expensive piece of baby gear. However, I have also rounded up every single thing that I have loved the most over the course of having three babies, and created the ultimate baby registry on Babylist. I left off clothes, besides a stash of white bodysuits and mittens for baby’s hands. I stuck to the most important things and included all of my favorites from the last eight years.

Babylist has added a new perk for creating a registry, the Hello Baby Box! Start your Babylist baby registry today to be eligible for a free welcome box full of goodies for you and baby! Valued at up to $160, including offers. This box is a great little “starter kit” packed with samples, coupons, gift codes, and more! In my box, my favorites were the sample Windi from Frida Baby, a $50 credit for UrbanSitter, and a Breastfeeding Starter Pack from Kiinde.

There are lots of other great sections on the Babylist website to check out, like the guides and the sample registries (where mine is!) Take a look at my registry and see what you think. Did I miss anything? What were your top MUST-HAVE baby items? Head to Babylist to start your registry and qualify for their new Hello Baby Box today!

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