Atlanta Balayage With Rose + Mae Salon

Hey, hey friends! I am SO excited to announce a new series here at Typical Katie. My umbrella mission of the blog has always been to bring you along on the ride as I experience life. This means the good, the bad, and the ugly. I thought VLOGS (that live on my new YouTube channel) would be an awesome new addition and offer a closer look at the things I am “trying”. So, here we go!

The first episode of “Typical Katie Tries” is my experience with the balayage hair color trend here in Atlanta.

Luckily, I found a stellar stylist while we were in Napa, but I was over the moon excited to come home to Atlanta and reunite with Madi, my old hairstylist. Madi owns Rose + Mae Hair in Atlanta. Her business has EXPLODED since we first met, and I could not be more proud of her. When I first found her, it was through meticulous Instagram scrolling- looking for true artistry in a stylist. I don’t let just anyone experiment with my hair, y’all. I landed on Madi and knew I needed her to have free reign over my locks.

Fast forward to now. We are back in Atlanta and my hair has been on a break from attention for about six months. I am naturally a dark ash blonde, and I hate high maintenance hair, so I wanted to try a natural balayage look with a darker root. I wanted hair that would grow out looking like it was naturally highlighted by the sun. I also like my blonde to be toned to a “cool” tone (as opposed to a warm honey blonde). Naturally, I went to see Madi for help. She is in a brand new trendy space right across from Ponce City Market! Her salon is warm and inviting and the rest of her staff are just dolls.

Don’t forget to check out her Instagram feed, too! That’s where she shows off her masterpieces.

Here is my quick video walking you through my trial with balayage. I hope you love it!

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