‘Twas The Night Before The Fourth

‘Twas the night before The Fourth and all through the land, Americans were weary- their heads in the sand. ⠀

From liberal to conservative and all in between, the dialogue these days is careless and mean. ⠀

This era feels dark, dismal and sad- isn’t it wrong to wave all the flags? ⠀

A day of “independence” seems cliché at best, so many people are still so oppressed. ⠀

We want to see fireworks and wear red white & blue, but where do we find the pride we once knew? ⠀

We’ll wake up tomorrow in the home of the brave, and remember that WE are the ones we can save. ⠀

We’ll wake up tomorrow in the land of the free, and remember this land is for YOU and for ME. ⠀

We’ll honor the values taught over the ages, the ones that would never put children in cages. ⠀

Maybe tomorrow we’ll play in the water, we’ll eat watermelon and light up a sparkler.⠀

Whatever you do, just know it’s ok⠀
to have hope for this country despite our dismay.

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