Troubleshooting Mental Health Maintenance

We talk a lot about how to seek treatment when you realize something is wrong or off with mental health, but we don’t talk a lot about what happens next. What happens when you don’t mesh with your therapist? What happens if the first (or second) medication doesn’t work? ⠀

Lately, I have had to make some adjustments. I recently switched to another therapist after just never really connecting with my last one. She had good advice and was certainly knowledgable, but chemistry with a therapist is very important for max success. I did some research and found another and I already feel much better about it.⠀

Also, the medication I have been on for the majority of the last several years is plateauing. That’s a common thing that can happen after a long time on one medication. I’ll probably transition on to something else soon. Fortunately, I am self aware enough to spot warning signs and promptly speak with my doctors.⠀

When I was new to exploring my mental health, either of these obstacles may have derailed me. I would have felt like I was hopeless, failing, or unfixable. Now, I know that there are many solutions and all is never lost. ⠀

This morning I just wanted to encourage my fellow combat veterans who’ve hit a road block or two, especially if it’s come to light via quarantine. Don’t lose hope, we have options. ⠀

The journey to ideal mental health isn’t linear, but the destination IS possible.

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