Toddler Essentials | 15-18 Months

Now that Charlie is 18 months old, I have compiled a list of toddler essentials in all price ranges for the ages 15-18 months. I would love input on what worked best for you! Without further ado…

Some of these items were gifted to me as a thank you for inclusion in this post. All opinions are mine.

Little Balance Box

I shared a little more about this on my Instagram, but I LOVE this thing!

PediPed FLEX® Shoes

PediPed shoes are my favorite for new walkers. They have amazing support and a perfect fit, yet they aren’t rigid or awkward. Currently, we are wearing out these shoes from the FLEX line. They are also the cutest things ever, and take no time to put on and get out the door!

Summer Infant Pop ‘N Sit Portable Booster

If you do a lot of house hopping or traveling, you MUST include this bad boy in your arsenal of gear. I am an admitted addict of all things from the Summer Infant “Pop” line. They are all just so easy to pack up and take up virtually no space. This portable booster is the best for this age. You can tote it around to wherever you go and your toddler always has a place to snack (securely).

Summer Infant Retractable Gate 

Also from Summer Infant, I am loving the retractable gate. Our living room is pretty much barricaded off from the rest of the house and is a dedicated play area. It is nice, though, when needed- to be able to “release” one of the gates, rather than having to take it all the way down. This is perfect for that, for self-explanatory reasons.

Born Free® breeze® Transition Drinking Cup

Charlie loves these sippy cups. Primarily, because she can walk around and hold them with one hand thanks to the tapered neck of the cup. We have a couple and highly recommend them!

Angel Care Video & Movement Monitor

If you didn’t have a video monitor from the beginning (like me), toddlerhood is the perfect time to get one! Charlie is becoming more adventurous by the day, and I am just dreading the moment she figures out how to climb out of her crib! We decided a video monitor was necessary at this point, so that I can keep a closer eye on this kid! Not to mention the fact that I might need to leave the room she is in once in awhile. (I know, crazy, right?)

Sassy Developmental Toys

Charlie is still into simple toys and we are still loving Sassy toys. They are colorful, but rather minimal. Some of them make sounds, and others do not. They just have a great variety to stock the toy box, from birth to toddlerhood.

Skip Hop TUO Convertible Highchair

This highchair is super cool. It’s the one that stays at home in the dining room- but let me tell you why it’s awesome. First, it’s chic and matches my decor which I love. Second, I love that the design is simple and plain which allows it to be cleaned easily. There aren’t a million crevices and cracks to clean dried banana out of. And lastly, it turns into a toddler chair later on! The bottom half of the legs come off and it becomes a little chair. How perfect is that? This is a brand new product from Skip Hop, so definitely check it out.

Skip Hop Safety Harness

Yes. I am a mom that believes in kid leashes harnesses. This little back pack has a long strap for Mom to hang onto when in busy places with the toddler. Charlie is a runner and she knows no fear. This is my best friend if we are somewhere in public and she demands to walk. Plus, it’s so cute and she loves to put her things in it!

There you have it! Those are some of my favorite things for this stage of toddlerhood. Have you tried any of them? Do you have anything to add?

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