Tips and Tricks for a Toddler Topknot

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You may have seen my Instagram post last week where I briefly talked about the struggles of doing Charlie’s hair. Toddler girl hair can be a challenge! It’s wild and constantly in her face, but she hates sitting still long enough for me to put it up. Not only that, but it can be a bit tricky to style thanks to the fine texture of baby hair. I wanted to go into a little more detail on how to make it happen, here on the blog.

Goody sent me several products to review, and I think I found the winning combo for your tot’s crazy coif. Here’s all you need:

Goody Wooden Paddle Brush

Goody Ouchless Elastics

The first tip is something I heard from another mom. I was struggling to wrestle a wiggly toddler in my lap, until I heard the magic word: highchair. Genius, guys, genius. Strap them into their highchair and they are automatically at the right height AND can’t get away.

Next, a trick to keep hair to stay put (especially while gathering it for the ponytail) is to dampen the bristles of the brush first. I just give it a quick run under the sink. You don’t want to soak their hair, but just enough to calm any static and keep it all together, briefly.

I love this wooden paddle brush because the bristles are short, soft (but not too soft), and stiff enough to get the job done. Gather your toddler’s hair with one hand while brushing the rest of their hair into your hand with the brush.

Once you have all their hair in a mock-ponytail, grab an ouchless elastic and wrap the hair several times until tight. On the last pass, only pull the hair halfway through. A lot of moms prefer the clear tiny elastics, so let me explain why I use these bigger ponytail holders most of the time. I feel like they are less of a choking hazard if your little one pulls them out, and they take out less hair when your little one pulls them out in a fit of rage. There you go.

Voila! The easiest topknot for your baby girl.


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