Three Easy Time Saving Hacks For The Lazy Mom

This post was sponsored by Happi Foodi. All opinions are mine.

1 | Frozen dinners forever.

I don’t know why I spent so long trying to force myself to prep fully-from-scratch fresh dinners for the whole family every night. Why was I so worried about that? I have no idea, but I have definitely saved time by making delicious meals in the *gasp* microwave with Happi Foodi. Their chef-curated frozen meals are packed with nutritious ingredients that everyone will love.

Happi Foodi has the yummiest new products in 1600 Walmart stores nationwide. They easily feed our family and can even be added to for extra fun! We turned the Tequila Lime Chicken and Rice into tacos by adding some corn tortillas. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

The Barbacoa Mac-n-Cheese was also a big hit. We can’t wait to try the other meals! (Ps- they have appetizers too!)

2 | Pick your battles.

They REALLY don’t want to take a bath tonight? Eh, wipes are fine. It’s not worth the fight sometimes. Speaking of battles, Grayson decided at some point that he would rather sleep in his clothes for the next day than get up earlier. I was tempted to say no, but it’s actually genius. He’s been doing it for a year and it’s brilliant. You just have to let go of your own rules sometimes. Three kids later, I’ve learned this is a key part of not losing my mind.

3 | Don’t fold the clothes.

I realize this isn’t for everyone, but stay with me! Laying tee shirts flat in a stack saves a lot of time and easily slides into the dresser. I’m just saying… Give it a chance. Also, let’s be honest, I am rarely even getting to that point. We are usually just living out of the clean laundry pile. As an added point, let bigger kids organize and put away their own clothes. Delegating tasks is another big part of staying sane.

I’d love to hear all the ways you save time (and sanity) in your house!

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