Think about someone you love

Think about someone you love.

Really. Right now.

Now think about what you’d say at their funeral.

Yes. Really. It’s morbid but important.


I bet you didn’t think of the petty things. I bet you didn’t think of their flaws and bad habits. I bet you thought about the light they bring to the world in their own unique way. I bet you thought of the admiration you quietly have but rarely speak.

Now text them. Right now. Tell them what you love about them and who they are to you.

Don’t wait until people are gone to see the best in them, to remember the good times, or to express your love or admiration for them. Stop putting off saying the thing, taking the risk, or dropping your guard.

Don’t wait to love someone until they’re just a memory. We never know how long we get to keep people.

Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness

Bertrand Russell

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