The Scoop on Fidget Toys and Our Four Favorites

This post was sponsored by Educents. All opinions are mine.

If you haven’t heard the term “fidget spinner”, you might be living on the moon. One of the current crazes on the kid scene are these things. I have seen articles about them all over social media and, of course, my seven year old begs for them. While they have drawn a lot of attention and popularity, they actually have an intended purpose! The spinners are intended to help antsy kids (or kids with attention deficits) focus. Fidget tools in general are even being used in professional therapy sessions. Grayson, for instance, is never still and constantly fidgeting. If these things were made for anyone, it’s him!

Some people naturally need to be doing something mindless while focusing on something else in order to be productive (adults included). For example, if you have ever had a classmate or coworker who is constantly clicking their pen- they were utilizing a fidget tool for needed stimulation. Everyone requires a different level of stimulation to reach their most focused and calm level of function. Not only that, but fidget toys can calm anxieties and even stop intrusive thoughts. The cool thing I’ve found, is that the fidget spinners aren’t the only fidget toy out there! Educents has an entire section of fidget toys. I shopped the selections and found four that Grayson (and I) love!

Without further ado, here are our favorites:

1 | Tactile Tiger Hand Fidget

This toy is rubber and kind of looks like a brush. It’s awesome as a simple sensory stimulation tool!

2 | Glow-In-The-Dark Twiddle Fidget

This toy can be folded into multiple shapes. It provides a great distraction and uses creativity! Grayson loves this one.

3 | WeFidget Stress Pad

This is the little black toy that looks kind of like a video game controller. It clicks and has other noises and sensations to keep the need for simulation satisfied.

4 | WeFidget Galaxy Tri-Bar Fidget Spinner

We had to include an actual spinner! In a super fun galaxy design, this spinner is the ultimate toy to keep a kid happy and fidgety hands occupied!

If your child has any trouble staying focused or needs something to keep their hands busy, I encourage you to read about the benefits of fidget toys and check out Educents for a huge variety of options. Educents also has an endless selection of educational toys in any imaginable category! I already know it will be our main resource for gifts this Christmas!

Do your kids have a fidget spinner? What do you think about them?

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