The Necklace That Defined Me

The title sounds kind of intense, eh?

Have you ever had a pivotal moment or object in your life that really impacted the way you moved forward? Even if it seems trivial to someone else? I have.

Years ago, a beautiful necklace caught my eye. I can’t remember where, now. I know I saw it on the likes of Naomi Watts and Sarah McLachlan. It seemed to be a Hollywood trend, but I LOVED the necklace. At the time, Grayson was a baby. It was the “Mama Necklace” by Tali Gillette.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 9.17.54 PM

I put it on my imaginary wish list, and went about my life. I got divorced when Grayson was just a baby and I didn’t even know if I would find anyone else, much less have more children.

Fast forward a couple more years, which was a couple years ago. My life was taking another huge turn. I was starting over, again, in a sense and I was given a gift. It was the necklace. The person who gave it to me knew how much I had always loved it and they felt like I deserved to have something that would mean so much to me.

Maybe it’s silly, but my Mama Necklace keeps me grounded. I almost never take it off. The infinite “mamama” in a circle is so symbolic of this difficult and beautiful journey. My necklace reminds me every day of what my purpose is and what I’m here to do. It reminds me of my most important job. Now, I have Charlie, and she twirls my necklace around while she nurses and looks at me. I didn’t know when I got the necklace that I would find real love. I didn’t know I would be blessed with more children. I just knew what my job was. My job was to be a mama and keep the blinders on to everything else.


Through serendipitous events, Tali and I have become friends and kept in touch. I knew that I wanted to write about her jewelry, her brand and her heart, to share with all of you. She has many pieces that are stunning including a Mama Ring, and many variations of the Mama Necklace.


Tali is giving one away one of her gold plated Mama horizontal bar necklaces on my Instagram starting now, so head over to enter! This would be an amazing Mothers Day gift, gift to yourself, push present, and more! It’s truly my favorite thing I own. Thank you, Tali– for doing more than you ever thought you were doing for me on that summer day in NYC.

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    April 21, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    Love this story and love you. Gorgeous jewellery!!

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