The Inception

Welcome to Twelve & Six!

I’m not totally new to blogging, as some of you know. I’ve missed it terribly and I’ve decided that I’m going to keep it going this time. I think originally I was putting too much pressure on myself to keep my niche narrow, and it discouraged me from continuing. One of my favorite things to do is read the tips, advice, ideas, thoughts, and raw emotion of other people. I like to know what other people are wearing, eating, loving, hating… you get the picture.

Therefore, I’m officially designating this my space to just share whatever I feel like. I’m a woman approaching 30 with two kids and a husband. I love good music, fashion (styling my whole family, specifically.), food, home decor, photography, and self-education via Google. Maybe you will learn something, laugh at something, or just get a good idea from something I experimented with and talked about.


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