The Importance Of Music Lessons For Children (And The Impact Music Has Had On Me)

I think I basically came out of the womb into music. My Dad was (and still is) a very talented songwriter and musician. He’s been the lead singer in quite a few successful bands. Fun fact: R.E.M. opened for his band in the 80s. True story. Needless to say, music has always been a huge part of my life. I have always been a Daddy’s Girl, wanting to emulate his talents and skills.

When I was fourteen, I got my first guitar for Christmas, from my Dad. It was a Washburn acoustic/electric and I loved it. I immediately started teaching myself chords and beginner tablature. See, my Dad couldn’t really teach me since he plays a right-handed guitar upside down and backwards. (Jimi Hendrix, anyone?) When he was a child, all he had to learn on was a right-handed guitar. (So, as a lefty, he had to figure it out.) That Christmas, I started my journey with guitar.

I had taken piano lessons as a child and loved those, too. Piano was a great way to start learning music theory and get familiar with sheet music. However, guitar was where my heart was. Guitar was also how I felt most connected to my Dad. On occasion, we have played/sang together and those are some of my favorite memories. I dreamed of a day that one of my own kids might be interested enough in guitar to want to learn, as well.

Grayson is almost nine and has been asking to try learning the guitar. (Imagine my excitement!) We went to our local Guitar Center to pick out a guitar and find out about their lesson offerings. Is there a better place to shop as a music addict?! I think not. The walls of guitars, music coming from every corner, and helpful staff kind of made me want to hang out there all day.

We went with a Yamaha acoustic/electric. We chose a concert body, which I thought would be easier for Grayson to learn on (and honestly, I felt like it was very comfortable to play, too). Next, we looked at guitar lessons.

Guitar Center has key differentiators that set them apart as a music lesson provider:

1. Their Curriculum – They are focused on teaching theory through contemporary music. All curriculum programs are approved by the National Association for Music Education, the world’s largest arts education organization.

2. The Convenience – With over 200 locations nationally, brand-new facilities Guitar
Center Lessons is a one-stop shop. From lessons to retail to instrument repairs to
supplemental learning materials, Guitar Center has everything covered. Their program gives students the ability to continue learning on the go with
online resources and the ability to schedule at any location.

3. Pro Instructors with a Passion for Music – All Guitar Center Lessons instructors
are passionate, playing musicians. They are happy to pair students with the instructor that is right for them.

4. Contemporary Instrumentation – You can take learn instrument, anywhere. They can make sure you have the musical foundation to achieve any level or expertise on any instrument, depending on what you love!

5. Their Achievement Program – They help students monitor their progress with their 6 tiered program and go from Opening Act to Headliner in as much or as little time
as you need.

What are you waiting for? Check out your local Guitar Center and get some lessons on the books. I can’t emphasize enough how critical music has been in my life, starting as a child.

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