The Best Running Music Playlist | NYC Marathon

For everyone who has been asking me to share my marathon running playlist, THANK YOU for your patience.

Truthfully, while I was running, I was jumping all over my million playlists and have had it on my list to organize them. I knew I wanted to get them organized before the marathon into one playlist. You’ll probably notice that this playlist isn’t quite long enough for my entire marathon, but that’s because I won’t be listening to music the entire time. I really want to enjoy the crowds, getting to know people near me, and maybe also a podcast or two. I save music for times I really need to emotionally dig deep.

This playlist could be great for all sorts of workouts, not just running. These are just songs that have motivated me while running in one way or another or helped me find my pace. Depending on your personal preference, you may enjoy these songs in a totally different order, as well!

So, here we are not a minute too soon…

I hope you enjoy the playlist, and let me know if you have suggestions to add! Happy Running!

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