The Best Black Diaper Bags

I am such a total weirdo when it comes to baby things. I like for baby things to NOT look babyish. I pretty much hate pastels or characters or anything that looks like it belongs in a daycare center. Not to mention the fact that I am all about gender neutral items and products that can be reused later for something else. That said, there’s pretty much nothing more crucial to mom life than a good baby bag. I have owned my fair share of black diaper bags (denoted with an asterisk) and I loved them! I looked around and found several more options, too. Happy shopping!

1 | Fawn Design *

2 | Vera Bradley Backpack

3 | Newlie Gail Satchel

4 | Skip Hop Chelsea Backpack *

5 | Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack

6 | Mina Kay Carryall Backpack

7 | Jujube B.F.F. *

8 | Kate Spade Stevie Satchel


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