Tell Her She’s Strong

You don’t need fancy expensive therapy sessions to do the work.

A tool that I can easily share with you is inner child work. Connecting to my younger self is more healing than I expected it to be. I have done some work with my child self in EMDR which was pretty intense, but there are more simple effective exercises anyone can do.

Get a photo of your younger self at a time when she especially needed to be loved, protected, and valued. The more connected to your emotions you are the better, so be in a quiet and safe environment. You may even have familiar music on. (For me, music helps me to feel and not block.)

Close your eyes and imagine your younger self. Imagine you’re sitting with her and you can feel the tension of her sadness, her confusion, her fear. You can see the desperation in her eyes.

Tell her she’s strong and can do hard things. Tell her it will all work out. Tell her that life will be tough but that she is tougher. Tell her that she is safe, she is in control, she is autonomous, and she is powerful. Tell her that she is always enough and never too much. Tell her the things she needs to hear.

Then, visualize yourself holding her. Even wrap your arms around yourself at the same time.

There is a lot to read on the internet when it comes to inner child healing and reparenting yourself. I highly recommend making that a part of your personal development work. ❤️

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