Why You Should Have a Summer Family Bucket List

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Happy FIRST day of summer! I’m not going to lie to you, this will probably be the best summer I have ever experienced (weather wise). (Disclaimer: this last week has been a crazy heat wave and was not my favorite, but apparently it will be short lived.) As our first summer in Northern California, we are not mad about the overall new climate. Georgia was very hot and humid all the time, a stark contrast from the relatively mild temperatures we have seen here so far. However amazing the weather, let’s not forget that this summer is also the tail end of my third pregnancy. This means that while I will do what I can to enjoy it, lots of things might be modified to accommodate a hot and exhausted pregnant lady.

Lots of bloggers are posting their Summer Bucket Lists, so I made one for us, too! Grayson helped me a lot with this. We kept in mind how little energy and stamina I have these days while still trying to incorporate the things on his wish list. Here’s what we came up with:

Whatever we are checking off of our list this summer, our new must-have products are hint® water and hint® sunscreen. I am doing my best to stay hydrated, but it’s hard. (Fun fact- did you know pregnant women should be drinking more than the average person at about 2 liters per day?) The taste of water gets boring, so hint® water is my go-to. I have loved it for years, so I was super stoked to to partner with them on this post. There are no artificial sweeteners or sugar in this water, just subtle, 100% natural fruit flavor. My favorites are the pineapple and the watermelon. It’s the perfect way to make sure all my crew is staying hydrated without having the dreaded water argument. (Raise your hand if your kids complain about having to drink water all the time.)

Another amazing addition to the hint family is the all new sunscreen spray! Made in three delicious
“flavors”, this product is perfect for long summer days in the sun. The grapefruit one smells like heaven and goes on evenly and easily. A positive for moms, hint sunscreen has no Parabens or Oxybenzone making it safer and healthier for the family.

You can use my exclusive code: 12AND620  for 15% off a variety 12-pack at drinkhint.com!

*The code expires 8/31/2017 at 11:59 pm PST. Code applies to one time purchases of hint® water, hint fizz®, hint kick™ or hint® sunscreen. Excludes subscriptions, packs, and bundles. Cannot be combined with any other promo codes or offers. Other exclusions may apply.

Cheers to a fun summer with plenty of sunshine and even more water!

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