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There’s a new Mocc Shop in town! It’s no big secret that baby moccasins are a major trend right now. And yes, they are cute, but they have a much larger value in my world. My babies have fat feet. Grayson literally couldn’t wear shoes until he was like two years old. If only moccasins had been a thing back then!

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The way they are made, with elastic around the ankle, is perfect for staying on baby’s feet. It is a huge bonus that they are super cute and versatile. I stumbled across Classic Dot Shop on Instagram and just loved their look. They only offer a few colors right now, but as an avid mocc shopper, let me tell you- quality over quantity. Not to mention the colors they offer are all gorgeous and I want them all! These moccs are so well made and the leather is thick and excellent quality. The fringes aren’t too long and the heel comes up high enough so it doesn’t slip.

baby moccasin

I adore these moccs. They are every bit as great as some bigger brands but WAY more affordable. Use code CHARLIE20 for 20% off your order. Which color is your fave?!

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