#spreadthelovey with Baby Jack & Co.

babyjackBaby Jack & Co. is a small family business that was inspired by their “baby”, Jack. They create modern sensory tag blankets and toys. You may have heard how these “loveys” are great for sensory play, cognitive development, and emotional security. My kids have always gravitated straight toward the tags on any toy or blanket they own! The ribbon loops are sewn together to create “tags” all the way around. There is a link attached to connect a pacifier or teether as well. All of their prints are designed specifically for their brand. I can personally attest to the fact that one of the owners, Kelley, is one of the sweetest people I have ever encountered.

Now, for the exciting part!

Baby Jack & Co. reached out and invited Charlie and me to be ambassadors for their project: #‎spreadthelovey‬. This means that they will be sending us a box of their tag blanket loveys to donate to a hospital of our choice, in honor of every child with a difference or special needs. Not only that, but soon, a unique flamingo lovey will be created in Charlie’s name to represent the unique beauty of every face. I am so excited!

Please consider donating to sponsor a child so that Baby Jack & Co. can continue this beautiful mission. Every lovey purchased through this link will be sent straight to us and we will be able to physically donate it ourselves. You are literally putting love into the hands of these little humans and supporting this amazing company. We will be donating our first batch of loveys to Northside Hospital Cherokee’s Nursery, where I worked before Charlie was born.

I just can’t wait to #spreadthelovey!


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