That Time I Was A Single Mom

Did you know that I was a single mom for awhile? I was!

Grayson’s dad and I got divorced when he was seven months old. Tyler and I got together when Grayson was almost five. There were about four years of single motherhood in there. I had relationships in between, but for the most part, Grayson was always my son and my primary responsibility. His Dad had him every other weekend or so, but the majority of the time it was just us.

During that time, I worked full time. My schedule started early and ended late. I got up, got Grayson ready, and took him to daycare. Then, I worked for 8-9 hours and headed back to daycare to pick him up at 5:30 or 6. We would probably drive through Chick-Fil-A, get home and eat some nuggets, take a bath and then go to bed. Every. Single. Day.

Some days I would be at work and start daydreaming about how much I would see Grayson that week. I would count up the few waking hours I would get to spend with him and just cry at my desk. Especially, if it was a week where he would be with his Dad the following weekend.

Then there were the other hard parts. Being the only one to go get him from school if he was sick, missing part of or all of a holiday because of having to share the time with his Dad. Being so broke from one income that I could only spend $10 on his Christmas, and so many other things that no one thinks about before they jump into that role. There was a lot of stress, a lot of heartache, and it was never easy.

But. There was a silver lining. He was my person. The hours we got to spend together were perfect. I took lots of photos and videos so that I would never forget that fleeting time. He was my security blanket and my reason for living. Once I became a single mom, I knew that I had to keep going because it was about more than just me.

Being a single mom is not a position that is preferable for many women, but I wouldn’t change my experience. I learned how to hustle harder, love deeper, grow a more patient heart, and cherish the time I was able to be with my son. It was a struggle that contributed so much to who I am as a wife, mother, and friend. And for Grayson, I believe he will have a profound respect and appreciation for strong, independent women. Having a nuclear family now is a blessing, but I will never forget those first precious years when it was just me and G.

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