5 Things To Simplify In The New Year

2016 is almost a wrap! Thank goodness it is, because I think most of us feel like it’s been one for the books. So many public figures taken way too soon, and so many of our personal lives have been on the struggle bus. In a world that seems to keep spinning faster and faster with no promise of slowing down, I am constantly looking for ways to make things less chaotic. A simpler life is a happier life. Now that I’m expecting a THIRD baby, I feel that simplifying will be the word of the year. Here are five things to simplify in 2017.

1 | Your schedule.

Free it up. Stop saying yes to everything you are invited to or asked to participate in. Prioritize which events and appointments are the most important and commit to those. It’s ok to say NO for no reason other than the fact that you feel overwhelmed and too busy. Learn to politely decline and keep your calendar clutter-less. It will feel so good, promise.

2 | Your budget.

I am preaching to myself here, too. Have a budget that is easy to follow and financial goals that are realistic. The easiest way for me to bail on finances is to feel like I failed. Make a Google Sheet with all your monthly outgo and income and start there. Make sure you include groceries and fuel and an allowance for extras. Set attainable goals for investing and saving and don’t get stressed!

3 | Your health and fitness.

Kick all the fads and trends and keep it basic. Start with three simple rules and watch your health improve. Up your water intake, cut out sugar, and get moving thirty minutes a day. Yes, it’s simple, but it’s a great way to get started and form new habits that will make a lasting difference.

4 | Your network.

This is a touchy subject. You may not have this problem and may be really great at managing your friend circles. If you are like me, and are very social and love making new friends, sometimes the lines can get blurry. Who are my BEST friends? Who do I invite to this event? Do I have to send Christmas cards to, like, everyone I met this year? Who have I missed with a text? It’s overwhelming sometimes! My best advice is to circle back and remember that you aren’t required to single-handedly cultivate and maintain relationships with everyone in your contact list. Spend the most time on the ones who are the closest, and don’t stress yourself with the rest. Especially, if you are the only one making an effort.

5 | Your wardrobe.

Gone are my days of unique party dresses and new heels for each outfit. 2017 is the year of basics, quality over quantity, and comfort.


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