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If you didn’t understand my lobster reference, I may have to reevaluate our friendship. Go ahead and Google. I will wait here.

Got it? Yes. It’s a quote from Friends, when Phoebe explains that lobsters have soulmates and then tells Ross that Rachel is his lobster. GAH I LOVE THAT SHOW.

Anyway. When I saw these lobster leggings by Royal + Reese, I nearly died! We had to have them.

Once they arrived, I was even more excited. The fabric is so soft and has a little stretch to it, which I love.
Charlie just fits perfectly into the 6-12 month size! The perfect tee (bodysuit) to pair with these leggings was the “hey.” design.  
 It’s simple and cute and the onesie itself is a great fit. I love that the sleeves are a little longer and wider than most, and again, the fabric is super soft. This outfit is totally unisex (you’re welcome, future nephew that will borrow this…). Royal + Reese have a shop FULL of adorable, simple, trendy pieces for your tiny hipster. Get 20% off your order by using code: katie20

Happy Shopping!!

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