Shame Can’t Breed Where Vulnerability Exists

I’ve been a working single mom, a working married mom, a stay at home mom, a work from home mom, an entrepreneur mom…⠀

None of it is easy.

Every single experience had its challenges and benefits, but one thing is consistent; the guilt is always there. The self-doubt is omnipresent.⠀

Is there enough income to give my kids a comfortable life? Am I spoiling them? Am I contributing enough? Am I spending enough time with my kids? But am I spending enough QUALITY time with them? Is everyone getting enough attention? Am I coddling them? Am I good enough at discipline? Is everyone learning/eating/growing/sleeping?⠀

The innate convictions that biologically help us to keep our children alive/safe can also feel like a 500 pound weight on our chest. The pressure and fear and worry can be overwhelming.⠀

Please remember that we are all struggling in different (and similar) ways and none of us have a playbook.

I don’t know how our moms and grandmothers found comfort and camaraderie, but in 2021 I’m thankful for the Internet and all of you and the brave moms who don’t hide the dark stuff in the closet.

Shame can’t breed where vulnerability exists, and that’s what makes honest spaces like these so great.

Linking arms with you tonight, mamas.

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