Seven Ways My Parenting Changed With The Last Born

If you are a mom of multiple kids, I can almost guarantee you can relate to the shift in parenting style as more children show up on the scene. We all have an idea of how we will be as a mom, and then it changes twenty more times. These are seven ways my parenting changed after having a third baby.

Sometimes I forget his birthday.

I mean, I can remember it within a minute or so… But, I have to concentrate to make sure I have all their birthdays straight. Don’t get me started on their birth times and other stats. I might have to actually dig out a birth certificate.

He gets way less baths.

Let’s be honest. Babies and toddlers who are home all day every day don’t NEED to bathe constantly, right? Feel free to do your own research, but I am confident that the sporadic bathing is totally fine. (Did I mention he is like a cat and it takes ten minutes to coax him into the water?) When he DOES get a bath, we love our Just Born® Under-The-Sea Hooded Towels and Washcloths. They are made with durable, absorbent cotton to stay soft while withstanding many baths and wash cycles. They are super adorable featuring a whimsical sea inspired print that coordinates with the 4pk Washcloth set. They come in aqua and pink. Lincoln clearly can’t choose which color he likes more! Grab the Under the Sea Bath Collection at buybuyBABY.


His rules are lax to non existent.

Managing one (or even two) kids is drastically easier to organize. Once a third came along, I just make enough rules to ensure everyone survives and doesn’t hurt anyone else. Gone are the days of rigid structure. Picking my battles has become my motherhood mantra.

He sleeps when and where he can.

The child has never been a great sleeper, and he’s very attached to us. What does this mean? It means he’s almost always sleeping ON us. My theory? As long as he is sleeping, let him stay where he is. Oh, and nap “times”? Hilarious. He falls asleep when everyone leaves him alone, but he’s also not too far from us.

His diet consists of whatever he will eat.

The first born was introduced to a carefully crafted diet of organic fruits and vegetables, pureed at home and fed on eco-friendly dishes. Let’s just say that Lincoln is a veggie straw connoisseur and likes his daily breakfast of string cheese.

Brand names matter way less.

After three kids, you come to appreciate cost-effectiveness over name brands. There are always some things that I prefer to be a certain brand, but for the most part, I have really relaxed on that stuff.

His wardrobe is an afterthought.

He has 90% hand-me-downs and like one pair of shoes. I usually realize nothing else he owns fits anymore when it’s time to get him dressed that day and not a minute sooner. I then scramble to grab some cheap bodysuits online and let him stay naked until then. (Just kidding. Or am I?)

I can’t even imagine my friends who have 4+ children and how they keep it all straight. Having a third has literally made my head spin for almost 18 months now. The silver lining is that I’ve learned to embrace chaos, cherish the beautiful moments, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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