Religion And Pride Month: A Rant

#NotAllChristians are bigots.

Yes. I know that is the truth.

I know it because I have personal love and respect for LGBTQ+ affirming Christians including clergy members.

However. I am annually taken aback by the overt homophobia and transphobia (in the name of Jesus of course) that gets louder during Pride Month.

I saw a “Christian” influencer this morning post her outrage that Children’s Pride Books have the audacity to exist in Target.

Speaking of kids, Jesus loves children most, right? They are innocent and perfectly made. (And you know… the whole “pro-life” thing.)

So, here are some fast facts:

– The suicide risk is 3-6x greater for LGBTQ+ youth than that of their cis/hetero peers.

– Nearly HALF of surveyed LGBTQ+ youth have seriously considered suicide.

– LGBTQ+ youth are 120% more likely to experience homelessness than their cis/hetero peers.

– Between 2 million and 3.7 million children under age 18 (aka in classrooms with your children) have an LGBTQ parent.

I need someone to tell me how a convoluted, misinterpreted, cherry picked version of a book gives you the right or the pleasure of broadcasting fear, condemnation or exclusion to anyone else on this planet.

I need someone to tell me how this aligns with the Jesus I’m familiar with, because I stay confused.

I’m no stranger to Christianity. I quite literally grew up in evangelical churches. I know the arguments, I know the talking points, I know the scriptures.

Every overused passive aggressive catch phrase that Christians frame as conviction or moral responsibility… I know them well. (Love the sinner hate the sin, AMIRITE?!)

An abundance of scholars and theologians have definitively shown that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality (despite big numbers of so-called Jesus followers having chosen that interpretation as their doctrine).

There’s a large subsection of the same exact religion that is accepting, affirming and empathetic (with Biblical proof to back it, you know, to avoid the guilt of following progressive church leaders). And there is a subsection that uses cognitive dissonance and willful ignorance to promote intolerance, shame, and even hate.

I guess my question for the people who are firm in Christianity as their chosen religion-

You have a clear choice all *within* your faith. A lifestyle of love and inclusion or one that hurts and dismisses people. Choosing the latter doesn’t give you an extra star on your crown, it doesn’t save LGBTQ+ people, or save the world or save your kids… it literally ONLY causes pain.

Why would you ever choose that?

Even IF your religion unequivocally says anything but heterosexuality is a sin, your religion is YOUR chosen guidebook, not the universal law of the land.

Even IF your religion unequivocally says anything but heterosexuality is a sin, I don’t remember the church ever being called to bully and ostracize people out of “sin” in the first place?

And quite frankly, if you subscribe to a religion that endorses public shaming and hurting ANY of your fellow humans (who are also created by God, yes?) then I’d take a long hard look at said religion and do a thorough examination of my own heart.

Why the tirade from me?

Speaking up matters in June and every other month, too.

I can always hope someone who is misguided or improperly educated will do a double take. I hope people are still good and capable of changing course when they learn something new.

But, beyond that- I hope that there is never a moment of doubt in my love and support for the queer community.

When someone is ready to come out to someone they trust, I hope they come to me.

When someone is hurting because they feel condemned by their family or church, I hope they come to me.

When someone needs a safe place to be vulnerable and authentic, I hope they remember that I so fiercely fought for their right to be who they are: perfectly created with no mistakes.

Above all, I hope the three children I’m raising carry on my legacy of advocating, loving, and speaking up for everyone who may not look, love, or live like them.

God is… us.

God is… LOVE.

LOVE. IS. LOVE. Full stop.

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