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I love my Instagram community. I have made so many friends all over the world through connecting via social media platforms. Christina of Rain & Honey Bows and I started following each other a few months ago. One day I posted about some extra fabric I had leftover from a project I attempted, she loved it, so I offered to mail it to her! She insisted on sending us some bows as a thank you and who am I to say no and possibly offend her?! (HAHA!) I actually was already admiring her craft. Her fabrics were different from some others I had seen and they immediately made me swoon. I told her which were my favorites and she sent them right to us.

Oh my word, I am in love! They are absolutely adorable. The only headbands I buy anymore are the nylon bands. They are so soft and stretchy. I have outfits planned for all of these bows. I am also super excited about the fact that I have a blue buffalo plaid flannel that is the exact same fabric as Charlie’s bow. We are going to be twinning all over the place.

Make sure to check out her shop and follow her on Instagram!

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