Practical Tips For Surviving Sleep Regressions

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Can I be real for a second? Two under three is insanity. It’s insane for many reasons (that I should probably vent about), not the least of which being their current SLEEP patterns. With an infant and a toddler, it seems a little bit like someone is constantly in a sleep regression of some sort. Regression is a nice word. My kids are practically rebuking sleep or any type of schedule at this juncture. Lincoln is ten months old and has never slept through the night. Charlie is nearing her third birthday and all of a sudden has plethora of sleep issues. The only one in this house who is actually sleeping these days is Grayson, bless his lucky heart.

I’ve posted on my social media accounts asking begging for advice on how to get these babies to sleep… on their own… for any length of time. As much as I LOVE the interaction, support, and wisdom from fellow moms in combat, I haven’t yet found a solution.

That said, since I am not here to offer to a magic answer, I wanted to give some tips on survival.

Survival is really the best we can usually do, anyway, right? No one has a crystal ball and no one answer will work for every kid, so allow me to give you a few pointers if you are in the involuntary-insomniac trenches.

Do what you can to make their sleep environment comfortable and predictable.

You will read 5000 articles about ways to keep your kiddo’s bedtime routine a certain way. This is the only thing that I truly do find to be consistently true across the board, even if it feels like it isn’t helping. Children and infants truly are creatures of habit who appreciate routine, so I try to make sure we are doing the same things at the same times in the evening- even if the schedule gets a kink in it.

I rely on Carter’s for the most comfortable, high quality, and affordable items to keep my babes cozy. Carter’s has been a staple for me as a mom for the last nine years. Their Little Baby Basics line, in particular, has everything I need to transition Lincoln from day to night. My favorites from this line are the bodysuit packs and the sleep sack. He wears a basic Carter’s bodysuit almost every day, and at night, I simply put on the sleep sack and he’s ready for bed. Lazy mom? Maybe. Brilliant? Probably.

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Absorb the advice, but don’t drown in information.

As with all things parenting, there is an abundance of research, advice, opinions, and data on the good ‘ole internet. It can get overwhelming in about 30 seconds. In one hour with Google last week, I read about EIGHT different sleep training programs. I wanted to throw my phone and cry.

Know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to sleep training.

Every kid is unique and there are endless reasons why they might be having trouble sleeping. This is even more mysterious if they aren’t verbal. Keep that in mind and listen to your mama instincts when deciding what works best for your child and your family. Any program that claims to be the best for ANY child is probably lying.

Prioritize your own sleep when you have an opportunity.

If there is a rare moment when both littles are asleep during this phase, I take the nap. I don’t try to work or clean. I am useless to my family when I am exhausted and when I am running on fumes, I HAVE to take the recharge when/where I can get it.

Remember that everything will pass, as dumb and infuriating as that is.

While it’s trite and clichè, the old saying is probably one of the only things that keeps me going some days. The days are long (like REALLY FREAKING LONG), but the years are short. Stay the course.

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