Our Differences Are Our Strengths

As most of you know, Charlie LOVES beauty tutorials and TikToks. ⠀

You cannot begin to imagine her joy when we stumbled on this TikTok (I’ll put it in stories) of several women with vascular birthmarks doing full glam makeup that EMBRACED their port wine stains. They got together and did the video collab for Vascular Birthmark Awareness Month (May).⠀

Charlie’s been asking every day since she saw it if we can “decorate her birthmark”. Finally, today I said yes. I didn’t have sequins (as requested) but I did have a glitter pen.⠀

THEN, Lincoln decides its the prettiest thing he’s ever seen and wants the same exact thing on his cheek.

Charlie’s hemangioma is mostly involuted now and so much lighter than it used to be, but it’s still such a special part of who she is and I LOVE that there are women out there blazing the trail to change the face of beauty. ⠀

Our differences are our biggest strengths.

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