DIY Old Ladder Shelf

IMG_4950-1 I found this great antique ladder a few years ago when I was living in Iowa. I had been on the hunt for one that didn’t break the bank, so I got lucky when I found this seven footer for only $50. I have always struggled with thinking of a creative way to incorporate it into my decor. I have experimented with hanging my scarves on it in my bedroom, (which was actually cute, but I have more scarves than the ladder can hold and some of the splinters were snagging the fabric) and simply displayed it in my living room. Recently, I have also been trying to think of something to go over my couch. I considered a gallery wall. I considered one large piece of art. Maybe two vintage posters on wooden rods…IMG_4949-1THEN. Eureka! I decided to hang my ladder and use it as a display shelf.

I wanted my frames to coordinate, so I picked these up at Target and a couple of small white clipboards, so that they all weren’t exactly the same. I chose white to brighten the space and I LOVE the modern frames on the rustic ladder. I couldn’t find the white clipboards on the website to link for you, but maybe they are still in store! The iron stars are hand-me-down treasures.

I’m loving my ladder’s current home and I have gotten so many compliments! The possibilities are truly endless if you think outside the box. Here’s a great set of ideas to browse through, compiled by Kris over at Driven by Decor. Maybe I will try one of those, next!

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