Nursery on a Budget


I’ve had so many compliments on Charlie’s nursery (and inquiries on how to duplicate it), that I thought I would post about it! The best part about her nursery is that I did everything on a small budget. I borrowed the crib, and the buffet (turned dresser) was a family furniture piece that my mother in law had in her house. The gold  mirror was another hand me down that I had hanging somewhere else in my house. The rest was pieced together from all over the place. I really wanted a bright, clean feeling room. I don’t like an abundance of pink and I basically hate themes. The gold makes it feel feminine, but it doesn’t feel so infantile that it needs to be updated constantly.


Here’s where you can find some of the things I built my nursery with.

gold decals // metal letters // rocker // lantern

gold arrow // wall canvas // storage system // gold accent wall decor

where to find other items from my nursery photos:

birth stats wall hanging // twinkle lights

sheer curtains // paper pom and lantern set

You can see that a lot of the decor came from Hobby Lobby. I did my best to find links, but its usually easier to go in and browse for more accuracy. They don’t sell everything online and their website is kind of weird. I also get all my knobs from there. They are super cheap and there is a huge variety! Home Goods is where I found the layered rugs and some random storage baskets. I LOVE Home Goods.

Did I miss anything? Feel free to ask me for info on a specific thing. I really love her nursery and I spent hours just sitting in there before she was born. It’s so serene!

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