My Best Childhood Christmas Memory (And The Toy That Made It)

When you think of your favorite Christmas memories, what do you think of? Perhaps, you think of the fidgety nervousness on Christmas Eve when you are trying to fall asleep so Santa will come. Maybe you think of the taste of your favorite Christmas candy or the smell of your Grandparents’ house during holiday dinner. While I have more amazing holiday memories than I can count, I specifically remember a very special Christmas. To this day, I will tell anyone that it was my most memorable Christmas morning of my life. It was 1991, and it was the year I got my battery powered ride-on. My brother got one too, and we were overjoyed. We spent hours upon hours driving them around our backyard. We pretended to drive to the store, to school, to church, and anything else we could dream up. We strapped in our stuffed animals and dolls and lived our best little lives until we outgrew those things.

When I saw there was an opportunity for Charlie to experience the  Disney Horse and Royal Carriage by Huffy, I nearly squealed! It was so similar to the very toy that was undoubtedly my favorite of childhood. As expected, she couldn’t have been more thrilled when she saw the box. She’s three now, and the perfect age to be able to start using a battery powered ride-on.

As soon as we charged the carriage, she jumped right in and couldn’t wait to drive it. Her imagination completely took off and within minutes she was a “princess on her way to the grocery store”. She is in love with this toy and I can’t see her getting sick of this one anytime soon.

The Disney Horse and Royal Carriage is The ultimate budget friendly “main gift” for the holidays. I love that it has the carriage AND the horse – no need to choose. The horse actually glides on casters and turns as Charlie steers. She loves that there is a glove box for storage and beverage holder for her sippy cup. The doors easily open and close, and the pedal accelerator is friendly for tiny feet. The “horn” makes fun princess sounds and the stylish details make it feel that much more special. These toys are available at Walmart, and guys- it took less than 5 minutes to put together. (Goodbye, sleepless Christmas Eve for “Santas”!)

Check it out for your little one this holiday!


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