Amazon is everything. We agree on this, right? Right… There isn’t much that I don’t Prime these days. Hail all the modern conveniences. This week, I decided to roundup my Three Favorite Amazon finds. If you catch my Instagram stories very often, then you have definitely already seen these and know they are staples in my life! Enjoy!

1 – Bathtub Caddy

If you know me, you know that I love baths. There isn’t much in life that a good bath can’t cure (albeit temporary). I could probably go on for too long about it honestly. I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur in this arena. I have sampled hundreds of bath accoutrements (salts, bombs, candles, etc…). But, this caddy, it’s hands down my favorite bath accessory to date.

2 – Ice Roller 

This picture speaks volumes about just how often I use this Esarora Ice Roller. Even my littles are prone to request it when they are feeling under the weather. It’s no secret that I get migraines. They are more often than not excruciating and debilitating. When Megan, from Pretty in Pink Megan, mentioned this roller to help relieve her migraines, I pretty much sprinted (virtually) to Amazon to purchase one. Unfortunately, my migraines are ongoing. But, thanks to this genius invention, relief is ongoing as well.

3 – Sunglasses

Sometimes in life; your wants hurt. At least, that’s what my Grandmother always said. I was itching for a pair of Karen Walker’s sunglasses. My budget, however, didn’t feel the same way. Off to Amazon I went hoping to find something similar. As per usual, Amazon delivered. I found these within minutes. They are perfect and one of the products my followers ask about often.

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