Mothers Day Gifts For Every Love Language

With one week until Mothers Day, you are probably seeing ALL THE GIFT GUIDES right now. As bloggers, we are here to do the shopping for you and be a resource for all the gift giving holidays! I started thinking, though, what if “gifts” aren’t everyone’s love language? For example, it’s definitely not mine.

What are love languages?

The Five Love Languages is a book by Gary Chapman that basically explains that we all have a different love language. While some person might feel loved by getting a diamond ring, another person might not feel anything from that- but feel immensely loved by getting a heartfelt note. If you aren’t familiar or haven’t read the book, I highly recommend it. It changed the way I look at all of my relationships. We usually are inclined to give the love language that we, ourselves, prefer to receive. That would be doing it all wrong! We need to learn the language of the person we love in order to truly show them we love them.

It’s easy to feel jealous or annoyed on Mothers Day by the endless social media brags. This husband built this custom furniture for this friend, or this husband upgraded her engagement ring, or this one made breakfast in bed… Here’s the thing. If she feels loved in her specific way, it won’t matter. Her day will be perfect.

So, what are the five love languages?

Words of Affirmation | Quality Time | Physical Touch | Acts of Service | Gifts

I am personally an acts of service girl (on the receiving end). I would much rather see time and effort go into something for me rather than money or words. It’s just who I am. While all these gift guides going around are AWESOME, I would much rather receive something a little more out of the box. I encourage you to figure out the love language of the mother in your life when planning for Mothers Day! (This is mostly geared toward romantic relationships, but I recommend using this as a thought prompter for any mother you want to celebrate.)

I came up with a few suggestions based on the particular love language.

Words of Affirmation

  • Take time to write a handwritten letter detailing what you love about her and are thankful for.
  • Set an alarm to text her every hour during the day with something you appreciate about her.
  • Interview her children about what they love about her and present her with the answers. Bonus: video the interviews.

Quality Time

  • Plan something that can’t be taken off the calendar by purchasing the tickets or booking a sitter. I recommend figuring out her favorite band or sports team to make it extra thoughtful.
  • Carve out time to spend with her doing exactly what SHE chooses on Mothers Day. One idea is to have her make a list of five things she would love to do and then pick one to surprise her with. YOU make all the plans.
  • Get up super early and prepare breakfast in bed for BOTH of you to enjoy together before the kids wake up.

Physical Touch

  • Look up online (YouTube) how to give a massage. Set aside actual time with no distractions to do it. Go all out with oils, candles and soft music. No one deserves a massage more than a mom.
  • Consciously be aware of the physical affection you are giving her on Mothers Day. If this means a lot to her, make sure you are holding her hand, hugging her, and connecting physically.

Acts of Service

  • Clean her car or have it detailed professionally. Sound lame? It’s not. I would probably cry if someone did this for me!
  • Do something creative in the yard. Clean up the landscaping, plant some new flowers, or spruce up the outdoor seating area. Even start a garden by putting together a raised bed with a few seedlings.
  • Clean the house/do the laundry/do the dishes/make dinner/you get my drift. A day or weekend long break from daily responsibilities can easily be the best thing to happen to a mom. (But, don’t just give her a break- actually do them for her.)


If she is indeed a gift gal, here are five gifts in five price points that I thought were a little different and unexpected. You can bet they are all on my wish list!

$10-$20  Custom Family Illustration

$20-$40 Bath Tray

$40-$60 Custom Morse Code Necklace

$60-$80 Cozy Reader Club Subscription

$80-$100+ A Night Away at a Hotel

Hopefully, my ideas helped at least spark some thoughts! Here’s to hoping my husband remembers my love language… HA!

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