Minivan or SUV? What We Chose And How We Are Prepping It For Summer Road Trips

This post was sponsored by Jiffy Lube. All opinions and stories are my own.

Listen, if you want to divide moms all over the world, ask them if they are team Minivan or SUV. I have never seen such strong opinions until we were in the process of trading in last month! I asked on my Instagram stories for everyone’s thoughts and…well… people have feelings. Strong… feelings. Minivan haters HATE minivans, you guys. Personally, I don’t think parents who don’t have at least two kids should get a vote, but I digress.

Since having Lincoln last summer, we have been cramped to say the least. We were in a mid-size SUV which was tight quarters for two bulky car seats and a lanky nine year old. Grayson was constantly squeezing in between the babies and hating his life for the duration of any ride. Besides that, we just always felt like the cargo space was limited and there wasn’t ever room for extra family members if we wanted to go on an outing while we had guests in town.

Yes, we do know that multiple SUV options have a third row, but that wasn’t our ONLY draw to a new vehicle. We also wanted more space, a larger trunk area, a vehicle that the kids could easily climb into without being hoisted, and… *drumroll*… SLIDING DOORS. I test drove a van I had been looking at online and was instantly sold. It was roomy, easy to drive, there were a million cup holders, and everyone had SPACE. No one was banging their doors into strangers’ cars in the parking lot and they can all get in on their own. We traded our old car in and BAM, we are minivan people now.

Zero regrets.

Having a new car we love and want to last for a LONG time got us thinking about how to keep it in great shape. Since April was National Car Care Month, we partnered with Jiffy Lube to talk about a few things you can do to make sure your car is road trip ready. After all, it’s almost Summer!

1 | Engine Oil

Our car requires the oil be changed about every 3000 miles, but every car is different, so check your driver’s manual to see how often yours needs a changing. Depending on your driving habits and vehicle type, the type of oil you use may also vary.

2 | Engine and Cabin Air Filters

Basically, the engine air filter helps the engine function efficiently and without having to work too hard, and the cabin air filter keeps the air inside the vehicle clean.

3 | Engine Coolant, Transmission, and Other Fluids

Engine coolant is necessary to make sure your engine doesn’t overheat. Transmission and other fluids like brake and power of steering fluid- ensure that everything under the hood is running at optimum.

4 | Windshield Wiper Blades and Washer Fluid

There is nothing worse than bad wiper blades or running out of fluid. Especially in inclement weather or a on a dusty road. These are crucial to have up to par.

5 | Air Conditioning

I don’t know where you live, but in the South we can’t skimp on air conditioning. This is a system that must be working properly and in great shape before embarking on any kind of trip.

6 | Belts and Hoses

Before any road trips, check on your vehicle’s hoses and belts to make sure they are not cracked, swollen or worn. You can simply twist each belt to get a good look at all sides. Check for cracks, splits, missing chunks, peeling, and oil on the belt.

Jiffy Lube has got you covered on all of these things, and I can vouch for their level of service. I was in and out within 30 minutes when I took the van in and I was beyond pleased with their care and courtesy. Head over to my Instagram to win your own Jiffy Lube gift cards today!

Do you have any road trips planned this summer?

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