Mickey & Minnie Mouse Sibling Halloween Costumes

The Halloween struggle is real, y’all. I always vacillate between full DIY and some cheap one piece costume from Target. Not only that, but I always wish my kids matched/coordinated. Unfortunately, I think those days are over, since the age range is 0-8 years old. When I gave Grayson the idea to coordinate with his baby siblings, he enthusiastically declined and expressed his sole desire to be a killer clown for Halloween. Since I’m newly a fan of “picking my battles”, I simply nodded and proceeded to brainstorm how the other two could coordinate.

Since I was working with Primary, I wanted to choose costumes where I could get almost everything I needed from that one source. I landed on two of Charlie’s favorite characters: Mickey and Minnie! Here are the things we needed from Primary to make it happen:

The Baby Short | The Zip Romper | The Long-Sleeve Bodysuit | The Baby Dress | Tights

Everything else I needed, I got on Amazon Prime in two days:

White Felt Dots | Minnie Ears | Black Hat | Black Felt | Yellow Shoes | White Gloves | Black Bonnet

Getting the staples and “DIY-ing” the rest was the happy medium I needed. It took no time! You still have until 10/25 to order the basics from Primary in time for Halloween! What are your kids going to be? I have more ideas if you need any!

Primary gifted me the items for the costumes. All opinions/ideas are my own.

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