Merry Christmas, everyone!

A Minted. Christmas card of three kids - boy, girl, boy - on their front porch. The card says Peace & Love; The Crenshaws. The card is sitting on a desk near a pen and cup of coffee.

Just kidding.

But, am I?

As a rather unconventional person, it might surprise you to know that I actually like tradition in many ways. Holiday traditions are especially important to me. As a child, I remember all of the things that were consistently done in my family every single year. The nostalgia I feel now reminds me that I want to carry on so many things for my children and invent new memories as well. 

Here are a few of our favorite holiday traditions.

EARLY Decorating

Stop judging me. I decorate in early November and I always have and I make no apologies. Thanksgiving can easily be enjoyed in the midst of a Winter Wonderland, ok?

Christmas Cards

I’m a Christmas card person. Like, I’m a hardcore Christmas Card-er. I have been sending out Christmas cards since I was a teenager in college and I took a picture with my dog. I don’t know what it is, but I have always been a sucker for real, paper MAIL. I love all things stationery, I love paper, I love handwriting, I love it all. That said, Christmas cards are one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. Also it’s a low key humble brag that all my friends and family usually say I’m the first card they get.

Katie Crenshaw holding the Christmas card with her kids on it.

Even in years of transition, I make sure to send cards. Last year we had just announced our separation, we never found time for professional photos, but I still sent out beautiful cards from Minted. In fact, I’ve used them for the last five years.This year is nearly as hectic and “different”, but I still relied on Minted to come through. They always have the most gorgeous designs, quickest shipping, and convenient features like having an address book in my account for easy addressing. Yeah… they give you FREE custom envelopes and FREE recipient addressing!

A hand addressing envelopes with a Christmas card to the side.

Minted has unique holiday card designs crowdsourced from over 16,000 independent artists around the world. Each purchase directly supports the independent artist who designed the holiday card, which I think is super important as a creator myself. Something I hadn’t realized before this year was their free styling service! Text your photo to 22737 (CARDS), and a Minted stylist will text you back five holiday card designs, selected especially for and styled with your photo. So. Cool.

Use my code KATIECARDS21 through 11/15 for 20% off + FREE shipping upgrade on your Minted holiday cards. This is the best deal of the season! 

A woman wearing a plaid checked shirt addressing Christmas card envelopes.

Christmas Lights Looking

Every year, we have a long night of driving around looking at Christmas lights. Before we go, though, we have a routine. First, we make a pot of chili for dinner. Then, everyone gets in their PJs. Next, we make homemade hot chocolate and put it in everyone’s “to-go” cups. After that, we set out on our pre-planned route of local neighborhoods with the best lights. This is always one of my very favorite nights and if anyone wants to tag along, they are always welcome!

Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas Morning

Every year, no matter what the meal plans are for the rest of the day, we do cinnamon rolls for breakfast. It’s easy, convenient, and fast- which is the trifecta of needs for tired parents on Christmas morning.

Lights for Christmas Morning

This is something my mom always did for us as kids and I remember it being so magical. On Christmas Eve, after Santa comes, we string up extra Christmas lights in a “tacky” sort of way all over the living room. From the ceiling fan to the tops of bookshelves, the overhead of the room would be glowing with magical bright colored lights. Then, when the kids wake up- the only light in the house is the canopy of Christmas lights.

All The Fires And Snuggling

This is probably less holiday specific than the others, but we are really making it a point this year to have more fires in the fire place, more Christmas movie marathons, and more cozy blanket time. 

Christmas Pajamas

Every year, the kids get matching Christmas PJs to open on Christmas Eve. This is something that even I used to get as a kid and I loved those memories.

I encourage you to start your own traditions, big or small. I know that these are things that everyone in the family will remember for years to come. What are your family’s traditions?

The Crenshaw kids
A Pinterest pin of Minted. Holiday Cards and Gifts for Katie Crenshaw.

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