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I can't wait to explore the ways I can help tell your story and expose your brand to my audience.

Millennial Mom. Storyteller. Activist.

Having been a full time content creator for over six years now, I love working with brands that I can organically incorporate into my content through powerful storytelling and high quality imagery. From lifestyle brands to travel, home and beyond, I am experienced in working with brands to meet deadlines and introduce them to my audience seamlessly and authentically.

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Brand Work

A Portfolio of sponsored content

Blog Posts

I pride myself in the quality and creativity I put into all of my messaging and photography.

I will confidently turn an inspiring story or helpful tutorial into awareness and conversions for your brand.

images below link directly to blog posts

Giving a list actionable tips, I shared with my audience fun ways to involve their kids in helping with household chores. This was a seamless way to incorporate dishwasher detergent.

My most popular sponsored content to date, this project was nominated for an Iris Award. I trained for and ran the NYC Marathon for Full Circle to illustrate how small changes can equal big impact (similar to choosing eco friendly brands like theirs).

Since it’s a common misconception that I am “doing it all”, I used this Merry Maids opportunity to talk about why outsourcing help is necessary for me as a work from home mom of three.

Square gave me an opportunity to talk about the back end of my business. I am asked all the time how I make money as a creator, so I wrote all about it while incorporating Square and their tools for entrepreneurs.

Utilizing Trunk Club’s fitness box, I told the story of finding movement that brings joy and avoiding using exercise as punishment. This was perfect messaging for my online body positive mission.

I took a poll of my followers and found most of them to be renters. I took an angle of showing my audience ways to make a rental feel like a forever home while promoting CORT, a furniture rental brand.

To promote Jiffy Lube’s affordable services, I wrote about the decision to switch to minivan and how we prepare for family road trips.

For life insurance awareness, I talked to my audience in a relatable way to advocate for the importance of life insurance in young families.

Social Media Posts

Instagram is still my largest and most engaging platform.

images below link directly to instagram posts

Video Content

I love creating video content to support a story.

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katie crenshaw (the blog)

About Me

This space was born when Katie reinvented her identity after babies in an effort to maintain her sanity in 2015. Katie is a mother of three living in Atlanta, Georgia. A bestselling author, maternal mental health advocate and speaker, her work has been featured in The Mighty, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Scary Mommy, and The Huffington Post. On her platforms you will find everything from motherhood truths to travel tips, female empowerment to style suggestions- all delivered via authentic storytelling and a healthy dose of sarcasm.


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