Maybe She’s You Too

POV: You are with a mom in her (wrecked) minivan (that doubles as a landfill) after drop off on Friday morning.

There’s an unidentifiable smell (and when even was the last oil change…?).

You’re looking at a gal who needs to hurry home to get the trash pulled out to the road, take her ADHD meds, and get going on her task list.

It’s time to shop for Christmas but she’s a freelancer so she needs to put on her bill collector hat first…

But after coffee. And meds. And trash. And blankly staring at the insurmountable chaos.

She forgot to take her makeup off before bed because she’s really tired.

She also really needs to wash her hair today. Or buy more dry shampoo.

Her house is a mess and she’s seriously contemplating just throwing away some of the dirty dishes.

She’s spent more hours than usual this week Googling the right thing to do for a variety of parenting issues spread across three different age groups.

She will probably spend the day trying to cram in work and forget to pack the kids for their dad’s house until the last minute like she does every Friday.

She’s me.
Maybe she’s you too.

Leave a virtual hug below if you’re one of us, too. ❤️

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