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It’s always hard for me to decide how far to go with maternity clothes, especially in the summer. I don’t want to spend a ton of money on a (relatively) small chunk of time, but if the piece is something I will wear all the time- then I will do it. I wanted to share twelve things that I have lived in during this summer pregnancy and give a quick review of why I love them. Many of them are non-maternity and can be kept in the closet year round!

1 | Everly Stackable Rings

My Everly stackable bands have been a Godsend! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen my raving about them. They are absolutely beautiful, but also incredibly affordable. If your hands are swollen but you also still want to wear your wedding rings (or any kind of rings!) Everly is perfect for sizing up temporarily without breaking the bank.

2 | ASOS Crochet One-Piece Swimsuit

This is my most popular item! Every time I talk about it, people want to know more. This is the best maternity swimsuit I have found. I prefer one-piece suits to tankinis, because they don’t ride up my belly. However, finding a one-piece that is long enough for my torso has always been a challenge. This one is perfect and adorable and supportive and under $50!

3 | ASOS Kimono Sleeve Maxi

I have lived in this dress. Calling all tall girls: this maxi is actually long enough, too! I’m 99% sure I will be wearing it year round, even though it’s maternity.

4 | Ingrid & Isabel Midi Skirt

This is a great basic for pregnancy because it can be worn with flip flops and a graphic tee, or dressed up with a nice blouse and heels. A fitted black midi skirt is flattering on anyone of any size. This one is a must.

5 | Old Navy Bodycon Tank Dress

The only time I step into bodycon land is when I am pregnant. Pregnancy is a good time to wear more form fitting pieces to accentuate curves rather than hide everything under a tent. The more loose the clothing is, the more we just look like a blob. A simple black bodycon tank dress can be paired with cardigans, vests, kimonos, wellies, sandals, heels… literally whatever! I also have a bodycon maxi and they both get worn often.

6 | Old Navy Denim Vest

A denim vest and a utility vest are staples in the closet no matter what, but having a few cute vests to change up a maternity outfit is key! If you are living in sleeveless maxis and tank tops, changing a vest around to wear over it can make the whole outfit different.

7 | Old Navy Shirred V-Neck Tee

I might have a million of these. They are soft, flattering, long enough, non maternity enough for later, and CHEAP.

8 | Liz Lange Distressed Maternity Skinny Jeans

I refuse to spend a fortune on maternity jeans. It’s one of those pieces that won’t get a lot of wear outside of those nine months. I think have tried all the brands of maternity jeans that are under $40, and these are my favorite. They are trendy and cute, but most importantly- they stay up the best and don’t slide down. I prefer the over-the-belly ones, but they also have under-the-belly styles. These are at Target.

9 | Birkenstock Sandals

MUST HAVE. Swollen feet, check. Overworked feet, check. Birks are my best friend during pregnancy. They are adjustable (necessary), and the most comfortable/supportive sandals I have ever owned. They are literally all I wear anymore. Bonus- they are so on trend right now! Give me all the styles. I am currently wearing out these Mayari style Birks, but next on my list: the classic Arizona style in white. *heart eyes*

10 | Evy’s Tree Luxury Hoodies

I am an “athleisure” aficionado, mostly because WAHM life keeps me in comfy clothes that can also be worn in public. I am obsessed with Evy’s Tree, because they are uniquely designed luxury hoodies. They have beautiful colors and styles with fun fabric lining and can be worn all the time. They have been a perfect way to jazz up a comfy/lazy maternity outfit to make me feel cute and presentable.

11 | BeMaternity® Leggings by Ingrid & Isabel

BY. FAR. MY. FAVORITE. LEGGINGS. Confession: I wore these outside of pregnancy/postpartum too. Like, I wore them every day. These are the most supportive, thick, comfortable maternity leggings I have found and I have tried everything. These are at Target.

12 | Soma Vanishing Back Bra

Bras can be a challenge for me always, but pregnancy is a special kind of awful in that department. There is a lot of fluctuating going on, and a growing abdomen can make underwire bras a lot less comfortable. This bra is my favorite for full coverage, support, and comfortability factor. I also love that it hooks in the front and the back is a seamless panel that doesn’t “cut in” to your back fat skin. I said goodbye to Victoria’s Secret and hello to Soma and never looked back.

That’s all I got! Do you have any recommendations? I am nearing the end, and I am so excited! I am not spending another dime on maternity wear.

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