How To Make a Mobile Mom Survival Kit

This post is sponsored by Zone Perfect and it’s advertiser. All opinions are mine. #ZonePerfectLittleWins #LittleWins

I’m so excited to show you guys one of my most recent #LittleWins™. Ok, maybe I didn’t invent this hack but I just thought of it. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Mobile Mom Survival Kit. I found myself in situations where I didn’t have something I needed far too often. After packing my two kids and usually my husband for an outing, I was likely to forget my needs. (What else is new?!)I decided to create a caddy of sorts that stays in my car. It has the basics of what I need most often. Not the kids, ME. I made a list of the things I find myself scrambling for most often and made a kit to stay in the back of my SUV. Here is what’s in mine.

1 | Pony tail holders and bobby pins

If my hair is ever down, it isn’t for long. Between a grabby toddler and sweating from all my hair, I need to put it up quick a lot. There’s nothing worse than NOT having a hair tie on you!

2 | Tampons

I’m sure every lady can relate to being out of the house and caught without “supplies” during that time of the month. I never leave the house without these at this point.

3 | Dollar bills

Another thing I never seem to have when I need it is spare change and cash for things like parking meters, parking garages, gratuities, and other random things that require small amounts of cash. This one definitely made it into the caddy.

4 | Flip flops

So, as much as I love wearing cute heels, my feet hate them. But, instead of wearing flip flops everywhere and always looking like a bum, I finally figured out that I should just keep a spare pair in my car. That way, when I get uncomfortable I can always change quickly!

5 | Zone Perfect Snack Bars

The worst thing I can be for everyone else’s sake is HANGRY. I can’t even tell you how many times I was starving and stuck in carpool or a traffic jam or an hour from home and just needed a snack! When I don’t prepare, I end up getting something convenient and unhealthy. Now that I am packing the Zone Perfect bars, I have a nutritious snack that is packed with protein to keep me satisfied. They are tastier than other snack bars in my opinion and super easy to find at Walmart in the pharmacy section. Try them and see what you think!



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