Life Is Short, Just Wear The Suit.

It’s getting warmer out, here in Georgia. I don’t want to brag- but I’m totally swimsuit ready! Yep. That’s right. I’ve been working SUPER hard.

In the gym? On dieting? No. And no… None of those.

I’ve been working on my MIND. On my inner voice.⠀

Who believes that EVERY body is a beach body? Not like- ok I’ll go but I’m wearing a swim dress and long sleeve caftan and a disguise and hoping no one sees me- but like wearing whatever the hell you want and having fun. ⠀

Yep, even the two piece when you have stretch marks on your tummy. Even the high cut cheeky bottoms when you have junk in the trunk and cellulite. Wear the suit you love. Wear the suit that your inner self would wear. I promise no one else cares and you’re wasting this one precious life and losing memories over something as trivial as a swimsuit. ⠀

I may be flaunting cellulite, bulges, and stretch marks, but guess what? This IS my swimsuit body, and I’m going to love it. All of it. Whether I’m at the pool drinking margs with my girlfriends or on a slip-n-slide in my backyard with my kids, this is the body I’m taking with me, and I’m not hiding it for fear of anyone else’s opinion. I challenge you to do the same.⠀⠀

Let’s stop caring about ridiculous beauty standards and be brave together, yeah? As for me, I’ll be at the beach and by the pool in a suit that I love WHILE learning to love the body I live in. While we all have fears, insecurities, and bad days- I refuse to be a permanent victim to the things that don’t matter.

Like a swimsuit.

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