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Thank to Kodak Alaris for sponsoring this post. As usual, opinions are 100% my own.

I’m always trying new apps and platforms for photo archiving and sharing. It’s no secret that I take a ton of photos and I’m also pretty good about keeping them relatively organized. Since we just got back from a mini vacation, I am starting to go through the hundreds of photos I took! The latest thing I am loving is the Kodak Moments app. 

Do you ever feel like social media can be inauthentic? Does it seem like sometimes social media is too “busy” to really get to see the content you are going on there to see? Sometimes, I feel like that. Some days I would like to just log in and see what my family and friends are experiencing through photos and what their thoughts are instead of ads and other “junk”.

The Kodak Moments app lets you upload your photos and tell a story with them.

The biggest draw for me is that your photos remain their original file size and quality/resolution.

Several other apps compress your photos when you upload them. You can add captions or block text to really explain what was happening.

There are editing tools within the app to achieve the look you want from your image. You have the capability to follow other people with similar photos, or just keep it small and connect with your family and friends.

If you wish to share your photos on larger social networks like Twitter and Facebook, there’s an option for that too. An added bonus is the printing option which makes printing your photos a breeze.

Download it here and see what you think!


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    April 28, 2016 at 11:31 am

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