Keep Your Glow This Summer Without Damaging Your Skin

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Spray Studio Atlanta gifted me a spray tan and products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Remember last week when I posted about lessons I have learned up to this point in my life? I touched on the importance of health and how we only get ONE body to take care of. I didn’t always think that way. Like most teenagers and young adults, I felt invincible for years and gave little thought to the long term effects of the harmful decisions of my youth. One in particular, was tanning. I tanned in tanning beds starting in High School and throughout much of my adult life. I tanned outside, inside, wherever a UV ray could find me. Painful confession: I have tanned with everything from vegetable oil to Afrosheen to achieve some color. Not kidding. I have brown eyes, but my complexion is not naturally dark. Therefore, I usually burned, but hey- that was my goal.


Not only does sun exposure have horrible lasting effects like premature aging and sunspots, but now more than ever, we are hearing of malignant melanoma popping up in young women all over the place. Wanna hear something else dumb? I have a family history of melanoma! I know, I know. I was a rebel.

My friend and fellow Atlanta blogger, Jessica, over at Happily Hughes made a big announcement last week. She was diagnosed with stage one melanoma. Thank goodness her mother is a dermatology nurse and she pays attention to her body, or it could have been a much scarier prognosis. Jess is younger than ME! This really hit home.

I can’t reverse the damage I have done, but I can give up the sun. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sun and don’t plan on sitting in a cave somewhere, but I use SPF now, religiously, and I get my glow with spray tans from Spray Studio Atlanta. I love them SO much, that this post could get lengthy… bear with me! I got my first tan with them before my anniversary trip to the beach and it made me feel beautiful and summery for at least a couple of weeks!

This company, owned by the cutest gal named Alicia, offers custom spray tans, but also manufactures their own skin care products as well. I will split it up for better understanding.

The Experience

Ok, first of all, you should know that I am no stranger to spray tans. I have tried many at many a salon. Remember, I lived in Iowa for two years where there is basically no sun for six months at a time. I have had decent hand-sprayed spray tans and then one booth experience that was a total nightmare. Spray Studio SLAYS the entire spray tan game. Seriously. Before my tan, I went and got their TanTox soak and exfoliating mitt, which I will explain in greater detail later. It basically soaks off any dead skin and makes exfoliation easier and more effective. The next day, I went for my tan. They have everything you need in the rooms, down to disposable underwear and hair nets (even a sink!). They have an organized system where you flip a switch to let Alicia know you are ready so there is no unnecessary flashing of the other patrons. Alicia is professional and sweet. She applies the barrier cream for you, which I think is a genius detail. I always mess up the barrier cream. She quickly and efficiently sprays while giving instructions on how to turn or pose and what to do next. When she’s done, you dry in front of a fan briefly and that’s it! It takes fifteen minutes total.

The Products

All of their products are cruelty-free and vegan.

The TanTox soak I had before the tan was amazing. It smelled so good. I was warned that it would literally soak off any remaining tan or dead skin cells, and it did. I took a gross before and after to prove it. You’re welcome. The exfoliating mitt works like no other exfoliating mitt I have ever tried. It sloughs off dead skin cells rather than rubbing them around, so to speak. When I was finished getting sprayed, I got a full rundown of the body care product line designed by them, and selected my items with the advice of the staff. I learned more about Spray Tans than I ever knew! For instance, did you know you shouldn’t use any product that contains petroleum with a spray tan because it will destroy it? Yep. Also, you shouldn’t bathe with anything that contains sulfates while you have your tan. Good thing they have a body wash that is sulfate-free! They also have a body oil and hydra mist that I love.


My top two FAVORITE products are the Temp Tint and The Touch Me Up spray. The Temp Tint is a bronzer that will last until you shower. The application mitt makes it easy to apply and there are no streaks. It goes on really dry.


The Touch Me Up spray is great for the areas that are fading too fast, or for your face! It will develop a little over time, similar to the spray tan itself. I also tried the body butter to stay moisturized for the duration of my tan and it was heavenly!

At the Spray Studio location in Atlanta, they also have a variety of summer/beach attire and some of my favorite sunglasses of all time. If you aren’t local, which a lot of you aren’t, you can order all of these custom products HERE. Use the code katiec2016 for 15% off your online order. Also, check them out on Instagram for amazing flash sales!
If you can make it happen, add spray tanning into your routine this summer. You can go all summer looking sun kissed and healthy WITHOUT putting yourself at risk for cancer or other skin damage.

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    June 18, 2016 at 3:56 am

    Thanks for your blog post! I feel like such an outcast because I don’t tan anymore, so maybe this year I will try a spray tan. Thanks for supporting skin protection. You will be so glad you did this favor to your skin.

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