Is Early Education REALLY Important? Here’s What I Think.

Since my oldest is a third grader, I have had a few years of experience with Early Childhood Education. Actually, Grayson was in some form of formal childcare setting since he was only six months old. When Grayson was tiny, I worked full time. It wasn’t even an option to do anything else. He always did well with the structure and organized curriculum of a school setting. I truly believe it helped him to thrive. Charlie and Lincoln have been with me at home for the most part. That is, until a few weeks ago.

Although I work from home, I still operate a very busy business as a professional blogger. It has become harder and harder to work without some childcare. Not only that, but I truly felt like Charlie was at a crucial age to introduce a classroom setting. She is very high energy and requires a LOT of stimulation, so I knew that preschool would be a perfect fit. I love my kids to pieces, but let’s be honest. I am not a highly educated and trained teacher. I defer to the experts, there.

While I assumed Charlie would do well, I still wondered. I still hoped I was making the right decision. Well, folks. I have a verdict for you. It’s been three weeks and I feel like her vocabulary has doubled, her gross motor skills are better, her imagination is booming, and she’s happier than ever.

So, is Early Childhood Education important? My answer is yes. HECK. YES.

Did you know that 70% of brain development happens in the first three years of life? Is that crazy, or what? Research shows that what children need to be successful in today’s fast paced world include skills like creativity, collaboration, and critical-thinking. They also need “executive function” skills, which includes things like mental flexibility, perseverance, and focus.

Have you heard of KinderCare?

KinderCare is a school dedicated to providing all families with the high-quality early education needed for long term success. The confidence they instill in their students results in better prepared children for kindergarten (especially in literacy)!  KinderCare kids enrolled in their kindergarten programs test at first-grade levels in math and reading. That’s an incredible statistic. Children with more than a year of enrollment in KinderCare programs are less than half as likely to be flagged for potential delays and are more likely to be developmentally advanced for their ages. (This is all according to TerraNova and Brigance study results.)

You can read ALL about KinderCare and their specific results HERE.

What are your thoughts on preschool? How soon did you introduce your kids to the classroom and how do you think it helped?

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