If I’m Being Honest Podcast | Episode 5: I’m An Ex-First Responder With PTSD (with Jeff)

In this podcast, we will be talking about all the subjects that we tip toe around in society. We’re going to chat about the controversial, the censored, and the taboo. I’ve invited guests to talk with me about their most intimate stories, in an effort to demystify these subjects, and humanize their experience. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Spotify and I’d love your 5-Star rating and review.

Nothing on this episode or in these notes should be considered medical advice. This is strictly the opinion and story of an individual who is not an expert on mental health. If you are in crisis please don’t hesitate to call 911 or the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 800-273-8255.

Jeff is a 30 year veteran of emergency services. Having worked as a paramedic and in the Emergency Room, he is all too familiar with life as a first responder. Unfortunately, this career path had the unimaginable side effect of PTSD. Jeff has suffered from visions, panic, depression, and more. He takes us through the early days of his working life and a few particular calls that really rocked his world. Most of all, he helps us understand what we can do now for our fellow humans.

The statistics I referenced came from a study done by the Ruderman Family Foundation last year. Jeff references resources such as the Code Green Campaign and Psychology Today.

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