If I’m Being Honest Podcast | Episode 4: I’m a Trans Male in the Deep South (with Olliver)

In this podcast, we will be talking about all the subjects that we tip toe around in society. We’re going to chat about the controversial, the censored, and the taboo. I’ve invited guests to talk with me about their most intimate stories, in an effort to demystify these subjects, and humanize their experience. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Spotify and I’d love your 5-Star rating and review.

Olliver is a 29 year old trans man living in rural South Georgia. He talks to me on the podcast about his childhood, his transition process, and his life today. The culture he grew up immersed in can’t be overlooked as a relevant part of his experience. We chatted about common misconceptions and misunderstandings that surround the trans community. Olliver helped me learn a lot and gave me a simplified lesson on what it means to be trans.

The statistics I mentioned in the intro came from The Human Rights Campaign website. Some other great resources can be found at the GLAAD website, and on the Pride website.

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